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I have rewritten the resolution so many times I was ready to go Hollywood. Her cracked ribs heal, they kiss in the moonlight, cue soundtrack. Great post. Getting readers on board right away is a must. Greetings Beth, What a valuable find! Your insight, guidance, and experience, is proving most helpful and hopeful for fledgling authors.

Thank you! Very informative and helpful! I have a creative writing final due in a few days and was in need of some tips on how to provoke more emotion in my writing. This blog was explained and broken down very well, Thanks a lot. Hi I have a book I am writing and I want my female character Clara to be hated by the reader now but I want the reader to feel sympathetic to her later in the book and hate the male character James which the reader will be sympathetic to in the beginning of the book.

What is a good way to do this? Nathan, since all characters should have strengths and weaknesses, you just need to make sure you introduce both strengths and weaknesses, positives and negatives, for both characters early in the story. Show Clara doing something horrible, without explaining why she does it. Maybe later in the story you can show that she was forced into the action in some way.

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Or later in the story you show her regretting what she did. But you also need to show something positive about her near the beginning of the story. Yet tilt the balance toward the negative. You do the opposite with James, tilting the balance in the beginning toward his positive attributes while still giving him a hint of a negative. Characters can change suddenly, when they see the error of their ways. But a main character usually changes over time, not instantly.

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Thus the character arc of the protagonist shows the character changing over time and shows how and why the character changes—because of the events that he or she goes through. Or at least a trace of that trait. Even killers love certain other people or love their country or support a cause—they might give blood or donate to a cancer charity. As the story nears the end, start your shift. Show the characters doing or saying or thinking the way you need them to be at the end.

Change the words you use to describe them.

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Change the words they use when speaking to others. Use short and cutting sentences for the character you want readers not to like. Have the unlikable character interrupt the speech of others or be rude in other ways.

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Have him or her be selfish. Does that help? Do you have additional, specific advice for non-fiction writing? It needs to be shared. This is not my normal style of writing, so I really need help connecting the reader emotionally to my subject. I am a beginner. Why do warriors have to suffer their pain silently? Is it unbecoming of a warrior to cry even when one is in extreme pain? Mara did not know what will happen to him once he gets inside the cave. He was sitting on the muddy ground at the right side of the cave waiting for his turn.

There was no moon and the winter night was pitch-black. The fluttering flame of torch which was behind his back will soon be out. The swaying of trees, the rustling of leaves and the howling of wind were trying to subdue the all-encompassing silence.

His clothes were wet. He was wearing wrap around cloth above his loincloth. His upper body was covered in cloak.

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He was also wearing turban. He was gasping heavily. His mother was sobbing and rubbing his back. She was blowing into his wounded palm to relieve the pain. The nauseating smell of burnt flesh meant that the wound was deep. His hands were shivering and his legs were shaking. Generally they carried bow, short sword and catapult, as weapons. Today they were stripped of them.

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Thank you for this article! When I was 13 I started writing out a chapter story that was all over the place, and I stopped writing it around When I realized how underdeveloped my plot really was, and what caused me to feel lost in the events of the story, like nothing was really happening, I fleshed out the characters more and got to know them better and why they feel the things that they feel, and I began to tediously whittle down a very vast and vague idea to a narrowed, more cohesive plot that I feel will work better than other not-so-cohesive plot lines that I initially came up with.

Again, thank you!

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It was important to show emotion and keep the names straight during this specific profile as it was an emotional topic. Is it because the script has been written to show how Rob and Helen keep getting together and then breaking up then eventually they are married and about to move in when suddenly this happens and in a cruel twist of fate they are ripped apart for ever this time.

This article talks about how to make the reader feel emotion because everyone wants to feel something and […]. We learn more about characters as they react to momentous events in their lives.