Essay on how to prevent car accidents

It is common to find bikers and cyclists pushing their vehicles from under the closed bars. I am unable to understand why one would risk his life, just to save 5 or 10 minutes. Mobile phones have revolutionised our world but at many times they prove a big nuisance. It is common to find people chatting on their mobile phones while they are driving.

This increases the risk of accident many times. It is not advisable to talk on the phone even if using hands free because one still gets distracted. Listening to music or radio is also not advisable while driving because it can also cause distraction. If we follow all these rules be in discipline , there is a good chance that we may never meet an accident.

There are many factors which are under our control but also there are some factors which are not under our control. For example, bad roads, bad weather, stray animals etc.

Do you know that one of the leading causes of the death of many teenagers is car accidents?

I agree, these factors are not under our control but if we take precautions, we can minimize the effect of accidents in case they happen. People need to be convinced that following rules and being in discipline is also cool and it is in their interest to follow traffic rules. We all are used to ignore statutory warnings. Normally our attitude towards them is that, they are meant to be ignored. Actually, preventing road accidents is very easy, there is no rocket science in it. We just have to stick to basics but the problem is, who cares.

We all love speed.

This is why fast bikes and fast cars are in great demand. Even manufactures highlight the speed of their machines in their advertisements. Sometimes we do it for fun specially youngsters indulge in racing or stunts.

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I think they get inspired from movies and serials without realizing that what is shown to us is special effect and fake. This reason is responsible for a majority of major road accidents. You can ask someone who is not drunk, to drive or you can take a taxi etc. It has been proven scientifically that alcohol reduces the ability of the mind to think and react properly.

Certain medications also cause the same effect on mind as alcohol.

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So, if your doctor has advised you not to drive after taking some medications, then you should avoid doing it. As by doing it you are putting your life and also others life in danger. Most of us have never learnt driving formally I mean in a driving school or by a driving instructor. Someone normally relatives just guide us a bit and then we think we are good to go. This is why there is a driving test before one can get a driving licence but every one knows the reality. For few thousand rupees one can get a driving licence without giving a driving test. Many accidents also happen due to poor maintenance of roads.

For example, potholes, broken roads, open manholes etc increase the chance of accidents.

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Therefore, they should be taken care of, to decrease the chances of accident. If one is careful and follows all rules and regulations carefully then many road accidents could be avoided and our roads will become safer. According to a data around 1. Of course, this number could be reduced easily but for that we have to change our attitude and start following traffic rules and regulations. There is good chance we may feel a bit sleepy. In that case one should never drive because the chance of serious accident increases. This one is a strict no-no.

Under no circumstances one should drive after consuming alcohol. This rule is the easiest one to follow and has great benefits. This minimizes the effect in case of an accident. This rule is one of the most leniently followed.

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It is very common to find people talking on their mobile phone while driving. Talking on the mobile phone causes diversion of mind and in a flip second one can lose control and that can cause accident.

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Traffic lights are made for a purpose. If you jump a red light no matter why , you run the chance of getting hit by a vehicle coming from other direction. One should never do it because we all know that what is shown in movies is not real. For this, the easy solution is to start your journey a bit early.

The best way to reduce traffic accidents is to raise the age limit for younger drivers and to lower the age limit for elderly ones. Do you agree or disagree? A better regulative approach is required traffic accidents can be reduced. However, there are other, more practical ways to deal with this problem. One alternative is imposing heavier fines the drivers who exceed the permitted alcohol consumption. According to recent , a great proportion of traffic accidents has alcohol as its reason.

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Utilising technology and installing devices that detect drunk drivers and lock car ignition can be used to keep people with track record of drunk driving off the roads. On some occasions and for repeat offenders in particular, a prison sentence may also be considered. Furthermore, people should be better educated and more careful while behind the wheel. To be more specific, people should learn to obey road rules and respect the other drivers instead of causing tension or submitting to road rage.

In addition, heavy fines should also be levied for exceeded speed limits. Last but not least, safer and wider roads should be constructed to make for easier and more comfortable driving. Tightening age limits for drivers can be a complementary approach. For example, the elderly with vision problems or other important health issues should be excluded from driving. Besides, young people under 18 years old are considered immature to drive.

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In conclusion, I believe that stronger measures should be implemented for the prevention of traffic accidents, and drivers should have a more responsible attitude. Setting age limits could be helpful but should not be considered the optimal and only solution to the problem.